“The government sees the huge potential of the gaming industry market in Indonesia to be developed further. Kominfo through the Indonesia Game Developer Exchange activities seeks to encourage this potential by increasing the capabilities of game developers, channeling superior talent to meet industry needs, as well as opening access to funding and potential for business cooperation. We collaborate and invite more stakeholders to participate in advancing the game industry. With the INDIE RISE Awards at the IGDX Conference, we hope that this award can be an appreciation that motivates Indonesian game developers to be able to compete in local and global markets."

-Semuel Pangerapan, Director General of Application Informatics, Ministry of Communications and Informatics-

“Every year, the gaming industry continues to evolve significantly. New breakthroughs in technology, tools and next-generation platforms and powerful infrastructure, allow developers to translate their creativity more freely than ever before. Competitions like INDIE RISE are a great way to encourage these developers to pursue the creations of their dreams and dare to make bigger games. We are very happy that Plug In Digital sees the potential of Indonesian developers, and hope this activity can bring more great games made in Indonesia to the world.”

Cipto Adiguno, President of Asosiasi Game Indonesia.

About IGDX

Indonesia Game Developer Exchange (IGDX) is an annual event, organized by the Ministry of Communication and Informatics in collaboration with the Indonesian Game Association (AGI), as part of the ongoing effort to increase the technical qualities and business capabilities of Indonesian game developer. IGDX was held successfully for the first time in 2019 in Bandung, bringing together many game industry stakeholders, nationally and globally, to share knowledges and build valuable networks with hundreds of Indonesian game developers. In 2021, IGDX is run on a larger scale by combining offline on ground activities and series of online meetings which include IGDX Academy, IGDX Business, IGDX Conference and newly added, IGDX Career.