INDIE RISE, New Talents Awards is a new video game creation award created by Plug In Digital - French distribution and publishing company, with the ambition to discover, highlight and encourage new game development talents from emerging countries.

INDIE RISE is a pitch competition, for studios with new games projects. Winners of each category will be granted with cash prizes to help them kickstart the project and fund a vertical slice. 

« There are incredible talents and fastly growing studios in Indonesia and other emerging countries. Because they feel it's easier and safer, they tend to focus on mobile gaming development.With INDIE RISE we'd like to encourage and reward those willing to take a shot at developing ambitious premium games for PC & Consoles, the kind of games we are looking for for our publishing labels, Dear Villagers & PID Games. »
Guillaume Jamet, VP Head of Publishing – Plug In Digital, Dear Villagers, PID Games