We ensure that all nominees will receive a fair chance of winning their category. Evaluations will be held on the same period as the submission dates, and will be finalized the week before the official Awards Ceremony.


● Mrs. Vania Marita, CEO (Wisageni Studio, Asosiasi Game Indonesia)
● Mr. Rachmad Imron, CEO (Digital Happiness, Asosiasi Game Indonesia)
● Mr. Guillaume Jamet, VP Head of Publishing (Plug In Digital, Dear Villagers, PID Games)
● Mr. Mathieu Van Kemenade, Strategy & Business Development Manager (Plug In Digital)


All categories will be evaluated with the same 5 major criteria.
Please note that projects in early development stages will be rated according to their ambitions and first sketches.

● Art Direction (setting, character design, music, etc.)
● Game Writing (lore, scenario, plot twist, messages, etc.)
● Gameplay (game mechanics, fun factors, difficulty, variety, etc.)
● Originality (a game can be very good, but not out of the ordinary)
● Team feeling (overall project presentation)