INDIE RISE, the New Talents Awards is a video game pitch competition powered by Plug In Digital and dedicated to indie game developers. It aims to discover, support and highlight indie development studios from emerging countries in order to help them kick start their project and fund a prototype.

Organizer and competition terms.

This competition is organized by PLUG IN DIGITAL.

Address of the company :
8B Boulevard Berthelot
Montpellier (34000), France.

This agreement defines the terms of INDIE RISE, the New Talents Awards for the 2023 edition in Indonesia.

The competition's official dates range from the opening of submissions on August 11, 2023 to the awards ceremony on October 13, 2023.


2.1 Participants in the INDIE RISE competition have the possibility of winning only one of the following prizes:

- “Best project” category: prize in financial endowment of $5,000.

- “New challenger” category: prize in financial endowment of $2,500.

- “Jury's choice” category: prize in financial endowment of $2,500.

A publishing proposal may be offered to the winner but is not mandatory.

2.2 The announcement of the winners will take place on 10/13/23 during the official ceremony in Bali, Indonesia.

2.3 The prize will be awarded no later than 31/01/2024 in the form of a bank transfer to the winning participants.

The delivery of the prize will not incur any costs for the winner.

Conditions of participation

3.1 Participation in the competition is open to any company or person with at a status of author.

3.2 Participation is open to residents of Indonesia only.

3.3 A participant can submit several projects, but a project cannot be submitted two consecutive years.

3.4 Failure to comply with the conditions of participation set out in this agreement will result in the nullity of the participation.

3.5 Participation in the competition implies irrevocable and unreserved acceptance of the terms and conditions of these rules.

Participation fees

Participation in the competition does not involve any cost to participants.

Submission terms

5.1 Participation is open from 08/11/23 at 12:00am to 09/18/23 at 11:45pm UTC+8.

5.2 Participation is limited to projects that have never been submitted to the INDIE RISE competition before.

5.3 Submission process:

  • Creation of a user account on the official website of the competition (
  • Submission of a project during the dates observed above.
  • Participants should provide the jury with a complete Pitch Deck (with detailed game concept, development agenda, team, global budget, etc).
  • The required files, in particular the pitch deck of the game, are mandatory elements for any application. These allow the jury to evaluate a project. Failure to provide the necessary files results in the disqualification of the application.
  • Information such as the name of the participant, the name of the studio, the name of the project and the visuals provided may be used for any dedicated Indie Rise communication. Other information shared within the framework of the competition may not be disclosed publicly.

5.4 Submitted projects must meet the following criteria:

  • PC or Console games.
  • Single player focus. Multiplayer welcome if extra feature, not as a core gameplay element.
  • No 18+ games.
  • Premium model only, no F2P games.
  • No NFT nor cryptocurrency related games.
  • New project only. Games already released or already funded by another publishing partner are not eligible.
  • Any stage of development is welcome.
  • Demo and prototype welcome, but not mandatory.

Judging process and designation of the winners

The winning participants will be determined as follows:

6.1 The Indie Rise, Indonesia edition 2023 competition awards the title of judge to the following people:

  • Mrs. Vania Marita, CEO (Wisageni Studio, Asosiasi Game Indonesia)
  • Mr. Rachmad Imron, CEO (Digital Happiness, Asosiasi Game Indonesia)
  • Mr. Guillaume Jamet, VP Head of Publishing (Plug In Digital, Dear Villagers, PID Games)
  • Mr. Mathieu Van Kemenade, Strategy & Business Development Manager (Plug In Digital)

All applications will be assessed individually by the jury committee. These will not consult each other to assign their marks.

6.2 The projects will be evaluated on 5 general criteria:

  • Art Direction (setting, character design, music, etc.) – accounts for 25% of the final grade
  • Game Writing (lore, scenario, plot twist, messages, etc.) – counts for 25% of the final grade
  • Gameplay (game mechanics, fun factors, difficulty, variety, etc.) – counts for 25% of the final grade
  • Originality (a game can be very good, but not out of the ordinary) – counts for 15% of the final grade
  • Team feeling (overall project presentation) – accounts for 10% of the final grade

Dates and results announcement

7.1 Results of the competition will be announced on 10/13/23 at the awards ceremony on IGDX stage in Bali, Indonesia.

7.2 The results will be communicated later in a press release intended for the international press, on Plug In Digital's social media, its website and the official website of the Indie Rise competition.

Personal datas

8.1 Participants personal datas are collected with their consent in the context of the competition, in order to establish the identity of the participant, to notify him about possible changes and to provide him the prize awarded.

8.2 The data will be kept for a period of 12 months and processed by the following person:
Shanice Mercier, Corporate communication and partnerships Officer at Plug In Digital.

8.3 Participants may exercise their rights of access, rectification and erasure of their personal data as follows:
Deleting user account.

Awards delivery and terms of use

The Contest Organizer will only contact the winners and inform them of the procedures to follow to access their prize. No mail will be sent to participants who have not won, only the winners will be contacted by Indie Rise. Winners must respond within four weeks of this email being sent and provide their full contact details. Without a response from the winner within four weeks of the sending of this e-mail, he will be deprived of his prize and will not be able to claim any indemnity, endowment or compensation whatsoever. The winners must comply with these rules.

If it turns out that they do not meet the criteria of these rules, their prize will not be awarded to them and will be acquired by the Organiser. To this end, participants authorize all verifications concerning the sincerity of their participation. Any false indication of identity or postal address results in the immediate disqualification of the participant and the acquisition of the prize by the Organizer.

The endowment is to be used for professional purposes. The project may be the subject of a right of scrutiny without any constraint.


Plug In Digital cannot be held liable for the impossibility of contacting each winner.

Plug In Digital reserves the right, if the circumstances require, to shorten, extend, modify, interrupt, postpone or cancel the competition, without liability being incurred. However, any modification will be the subject of an amendment which will be posted on the website and sent to any person who has participated.

The organizer disclaims all liability in the event of a malfunction preventing access and/or the smooth running of the competition, in particular due to external malicious acts.